The Aryan Front is looking for outstanding white men and women. We are not interested in drug users or alcoholics. We are not interested in people out for self-glory or self-gain. We are looking for men and women to be active in our organization. If you do not wish to be a active member please do not waste our time or yours. We are working to make a better and brighter future for the future White generations ahead of us.

To advance our great Crusade to save the White Race and our Nation from the hands of Communist and the Satanic forces of Evil. If you feel you can meet the requirements for membership please fill out this application.

The Aryan Front is a American organization. Understand if you are from Australia, Canada, Europe, South Africa, South America or New Zealand you may apply for membership. But understand that we do not have any A.F. officers or Patch members outside the United States of America at this time.